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Job Application


We are excited about the LTC sector in Hong Kong and constantly seek for talents with same aspiration. Below are the current openings:

Management Associate

We believe the next generation elderly home operators are professionals who are data-driven while being empathetic.  Management Associate would essentially be the first step to take on this career journey. The role is expected to get on-the-job training with the end goal of being the go-to person of the entire operations. Below is what we foresee "A Busy-yet-Rewarding Day as Management Associate" would look like - 

Commute to work: Check the app to see how the night went and if there is any abnormality that needs to be handled once you get to the Home. Reply whatsapp and check email inbox.

Morning: Take a quick round and see how everyone is doing. Check with staffs on outstanding items and see if they need any other administrative help. Fill out daily ops metrics. Take calls from government bureau on data collection/ unsubmitted documentation. Finalize monthly staff meeting agenda for the Home Manager

Lunch: Co-host the monthly staff meeting with the Home Manager. Lead specific topic discussions related to operations data and ongoing initiatives that you manage. Well, then grab lunch. 

Afternoon: Provide tour for a walk-in client. Have brief meeting with PT on specific residents' progress and update on the system. Collect cash payment for the residents' fee while coordinating with volunteers to play with residents' favorite VR cycling game. Confirm the inter-generation art therapy session time and preparation with the organizer tomorrow.

Evening: Chow down dinner at the Home before heading to health worker training that is 3 times a week and lasts for 6 months from 7pm to 10pm. 

Position Requirements

  • Good commands on Cantonese, Mandarin, and English

  • Familiar with MS Office Suite and messaging apps

  • Be comfortable with numbers - No, you don't need a Math degree

  • Possess genuine interest in elderly care sector

  • Be empathetic - one of the most important personal traits to be successful in this role

  • Be Open-minded. Be Positive. Be Nimble

  • ​Associate Degree or Degree Holder in any relevant majors

Part-Time Professional and Supporting Staffs


We constantly look for part-time staffs to fulfill our different operation needs. Please click the link below to apply. 我們持續誠邀以下兼職職位提供院舍和上門的長者照顧護理服務。請按以下鏈接報名。我們的主要於香港東區服務

  • Health Worker 保健員

  • Personal Care Worker 護理員

  • Physiotherapist 物理治療師

  • Occupational Therapist 職業治療師

  • Speech Therapist 言語治療師   

  • PTA/ OTA/ STA 物理/職業/言語治療助理

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